Mrs. King is the Queen of CL Chemistry and Anatomy


Naurin Choudhury

Mrs. Teryn King has been teaching chemistry and human anatomy for 13 years. She graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s  Degree in Secondary Education with a major in Science Education  and a Master’s degree in Special Education from University of Michigan-Dearborn. Some of her hobbies include baking, exercising, binge-watching tv shows.

Q: How long have you been teaching at CLHS?

A: 11 years

Q: What is your favorite part about being a teacher and why?

A: My favorite part is talking to students about their lives and listening to their experiences and what they’re going through.  I also like talking to students about college and what it’s like to start out because I didn’t really have anyone to help me with that decision when I was a teenager.

Q: Between chemistry and human anatomy which one do you like teaching better and why?

A: Human Anatomy because the body is truly miraculous and fascinating.

Q: What are some things you like about CLHS?

A: The diversity of the student body, my supportive coworkers, and any time we get free food!  I miss coaching tennis and all of the fun that comes with competing in sports.

Q: What are things you think could improve or change at CLHS

A: I wish we could have more professionals working in health and human service (HHS) careers to visit the school and talk to students about college and careers.

Q: What is your favorite quote and why?

A: Hmm, it varies, but right now it’s: “your body is an instrument, not an ornament”, which basically means that what’s important about our bodies is not how they look, but what we can do with them to make the world a better place.

Q :If you weren’t a science teacher what other subject would you want to teach?

A: French!  I took four years of it in high school and two in college, and I loved it.

Q: How has the pandemic affected you? (personal life or work life)

A: Yes!  My husband and I actually had the virus, and it was scary even though we were lucky to recover at home and not be hospitalized.  I haven’t seen close members of my family like my dad and my brothers in many months.  The holidays were very sad this year.

Q: What do you like to do outside of school?

A: Sleep! Try cooking new things that my kids won’t eat, lol.  Basically just relax and unwind while still doing fun mom stuff like laundry and house cleaning.

Q: What are your goals for 2021?

A: Honestly, to get physically stronger so I can attempt to delay the inevitable aging process.  To teach my son how to ride a bike and to potty train my 2 year old daughter.

Q: With the pandemic going on a lot of students have lost motivation, what advice would give to someone who isn’t as motivated anymore?

A: Keep in the front of your mind that while this feels like it’s been going on forever, it WILL end!  It’s better to just buckle down and get your work done now than to have to make up credits over summer school.

Q: Do you think the world has “forever changed” because of this global pandemic? 

A: Some parts of it, yes.  Some adults still haven’t figured out how to properly wear a mask, so that is infuriating.  But plenty of people have slowed down their busy lives and realized what’s really important in life: your health and your family.  

Mrs. King is prepared to finish this school year safely while also making the class fun.  Mrs. King’s goals this year is to get physically stronger by working out at the gym while being safe and cautious due to the pandemic. This year has been hard on both the students and teachers, but Mrs. King is trying to make it as best as she can as she continues to do her hobbies outside of school and spend time with her family.