CLHS Students Tik Tok Around the Clock

Haley Bosca

Tik tok is one of the most popular apps out right now. It is at number eight on the charts and is still rising. The point of the app is to make videos and express yourself. This is a good way to meet people, try new dances, and have fun! Tik tok is trendy because of the dances. It is easier to upload videos than any other app and you can create whatever videos you want.

The app Tik Tok has many dances to dance to and learn from. The most popular that have risen to the top was renegade, super lonely, cannibal, tap in and more. These dances start with one person creating a video and other people follow or make the dance their own way. The top Tik tok stars that are on the charts are Charli D’amelio, Zack King, Loren Gray and even WIll Smith. Anyone can learn these dances in their own homes! This app also gained popularity when COVID happened and no one had anything to do.

“These dances are interesting to watch and I sometimes try to learn dances in my free time,” Cassidy Cary said.

The videos you create have become so much easier to upload and make thanks to Tik Tok. All you have to do is press the red button in the center and record whatever you please. You have the ability to put on filters, voice effects, and even have the ability to have a green screen to upload your own photos and videos. This has changed the way people upload videos because the technology is so advanced.

“When I record myself making videos, I have so many options on how I can post and create them. I love Tik Tok and I’m glad the creators created this app,” Mia Bosca said.

The opportunities are endless when making videos and creating them. You have the ability and freedom to make whatever you want. There are certain restrictions and if you fail them, your video may get taken down. Some restrictions are given to kids from parents. There are controls that parents can set to make sure their kid isn’t watching or texting someone they shouldn’t. Other than that rule, you can record and post whatever you want.

“I make tons of videos and I love the way the app is set up because I can create whatever video I want to create,” Martina Douglas said.

TikTok is very trendy and mostly viewed by teenagers and young adults. This app has no age limit and anyone can download it. The dances help create a sense of creativity and get exercise in a sense. You can upload videos very easily and you get a tutorial your first time downloading the app. Last but not least, you can create any video you want and this app has a lot of freedom you can use.

I recommend this app and suggest you download it today.