Madison Smith Making the Best of Her Junior Year

Naurin Choudhury

Junior Madison Smith has been attending CLPS since elementary school. Madison is a hard working student with a 4.0 GPA. She likes to hangout with friends in her free time, and also likes working out at the gym and ice skating.

Q: How has your junior year of high school been going?

A: Junior year has been okay. It’s had its ups and downs, but it hasn’t been too bad.


Q: What are your goals for 2021?

A: My goals are just to focus on myself and to keep my grades up.


Q: How has hybrid learning been going so far?

A: At first it was somewhat confusing and difficult, but now it isn’t too bad I have gotten more used to it.


Q: Is hybrid learning more helpful than virtual learning?

A: Yes, hybrid learning is more helpful because I learn better face to face.


Q: Junior year is supposedly the ¨hardest¨ year in high school. Do you agree so far?

A: For me so far my freshman year was harder than junior year.


Q: Are you ready to take the SAT? Have you been preparing?

A: I’m definitely not ready. I haven’t been preparing and I know I need to start.


Q: How has the pandemic affected you?

A: It hasn’t affected me that much just had to get used to the changes.


Q: Did you do anything during the pandemic?

A: Not much; I mainly stayed home. 


Madison’s plans for this year is to focus on herself and become the best she can be with hard work and dedication. Madison is ready to finish her junior year  with success.