La Rosita Serves Up Quality Food Detroit’s Mexican Village

Southwest Detroit is full of great restaurants. One of these restaurants is La Rosita. La Rosita is a mixed Mexican food market and Mexican Restaurant in McGraw St, Detroit, MI. The restaurant aims to provide people with good authentic Mexican food, and I would agree that they are following this mission.

When walking into the restaurant you see two sides; on the left side is the mini market and to the right is the restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with your usual Mexican style as with any other restaurants. Overall though, everything seemed cleaned and yet it isn’t too professional looking. In my opinion it gives off a certain charm to it as it does when it comes to local restaurants.

Right when you get in the restaurant someone allows you to pick a table. After you pick a table a waitress comes setting up the table with chips and salsa. The waitress then asked everyone what drink they would like. After picking a drink it didn’t take long for your drinks to be given to you. After all that the waitress takes your order and you wait a good amount of time. Overall the workers had a smile and treated everyone they served with positivity.

The food was really enjoyable, but it wasn’t much different than any other Mexican restaurants in Southwest Detroit. The restaurant did have plenty of enjoyable food such as seafood and even botanas. I would recommend asking for a horchata when you want something great to drink. Overall, even though the food isn’t crazy special, it is still really enjoyable.

The pricing of the food was good for how much you were getting. I would be surprised if you eat a meal and you don’t feel really full. As good as it is, I would say if you don’t live around that area it would be pretty annoying to drive to the restaurant unless you are really craving authentic Mexican food.

I would definitely give this restaurant a 4/5 stars because it has a similar feeling to any other Mexican restaurant in that area, but it does come with a mini Mexican food market which makes it more unique. The distance is quite some time away so unless you were in that area I wouldn’t recommend going far for this one. This restaurant is a good place to go for a get together with your friends or family, just maybe not now…