Madison Glass Won’t Let Pandemic Break Her

Madison Stays Busy During Trying Times.

Junior Madison Glass loves to ice skate and rollerblade and many other outdoor activities. Madison is on the girls’ varsity soccer team and has been playing since her freshman year. Madison is also in the stage crew and helped with the production of the play “Clue”. 

Q: How long have you been in the Center Line district?

A: I’ve been in the Center Line district since kindergarten 


Q: How has your experience been at CLHS? 

A: My experience was good. The only problem I had was finding the different hallways.


Q: Are you in any clubs or sports?

A: I am on stage crew, soccer, bowling, and I also do color guard for the band.


Q: Have you been training for the upcoming soccer season?

A: Yes. When the boys had practice I went to some and practiced with them.


Q: How has hybrid learning been going so far?

A: It’s going pretty well. I feel like everybody is still getting used to it. 


Q: Is hybrid learning more helpful than virtual learning?

A: Yes. I find hybrid more helpful than virtual because the teacher is right in front of you. You don’t have to wait minutes/ hours for a response to your email.


Q: Do you have any ideas to make hybrid learning better?

A: I feel like it is going well and I think the only problem is that not many people use hand sanitizer or wash their hands enough.  So if the classroom has sinks they should have to wash their hands before leaving or if not make sure they have hand sanitizer 


Q: Junior year is supposedly the ¨hardest¨ year in highschool. How do you think it’s going for you?

A: It’s going great for me. I got all the classes I wanted so I can’t really complain, but you never know, usually Q1 is pretty easy so we’ll see.


Q: Are you ready to take the SAT? Have you been preparing?

A: I think nobody is ready to take the SAT. I have no materials to study for it at the moment, but I did take the PSAT the first few weeks of school.


Q: How did this pandemic affect you?

A: The pandemic affected me because the band was supposed to go on a field trip and it got cancelled, as well as our family year trip to cedar point; it was too risky.


Q: Did you do anything during the pandemic?

A: I got a job at Arbys the second week of summer break and I still work there. I worked five days a week so it kept me busy during the summer while there was nothing else to do.

Madison loves being involved with the school and pretty much has a club or sport each season to keep herself busy. Madison is ready to continue with her extracurricular activities and hopes to succeed her junior year and make it the best she can even with this pandemic going on.