Volleyball Has Fantastic Season Despite Playoff Loss


Despite much work and dedication shown by the volleyball team, Center Line’s season ended with a tough playoff loss against Regina. The match started even,  but Regina’s score started moving rapidly as CL could not quite get a hand on the spikes that were coming at them. Frustration could be seen on the players’ faces because they did not quite have the skill set to compete nor catch up. 

The season can be considered a success as every day was a new structured practice meant to prepare for the next  game. New skills, movements, and most importantly new memories. The 2020 volleyball season was filled with the most personalities Coach Katie said at seniors night. Having the skill, mindset and bond with each other is what won these girls an undefeated regular season. They came to practice ready and open minded, taking steps closer and closer to becoming the best athletes they’ve ever been. 

The team featured nine seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore. As the seniors strived to help the younger players prepare for next year, as more than half of the team will graduate. The team played each game as if they played college level because that’s the mindset the coach told them to walk in with.  The team knew they had what it takes to defeat any team they were up against. Three hour practices filled with conditioning , drills and bonding is what made this team.

All Conference awards were earned by Emma Hastings, 2nd team, and Taylor Lynch and Alli Zielinski with honorable mention. These players proved the dedication and talent they had in this sport by coming to each game focused and game ready. They kept not only themselves on track but also made sure the team behind them held their heads high and kept it in the game. It was easy for them to get down on themselves or each other as a team, but even easier to pick up one another because they had a bond with each other like no other. “It’s almost as if we’re one big family,” coach Katie said.