Mask Up to Stop the Spread!

Masks are scientifically proven to be effective in stopping the spread if worn properly.


What a year 2020 has been. It’s just been one thing after another, and in March this global pandemic changed everyone’s lives. Everyone has been impacted hard: we couldn’t go to school, some people couldn’t go to work, and we couldn’t do our daily activities anymore whether it was hanging out with friends and family, or just going out to have recreational time. We were on lockdown. Now everyone is fighting to stay safe and living in fear of not knowing if one has contracted the virus or not. In order to stay safe, the government has required everyone to wear masks when they go out.


We all have had to get used to the “new normal” of wearing masks everywhere we go. The masks can prevent the spread of the virus and can prevent people from catching it. There are, however, people who just refuse to wear masks. When people do not wear masks and they don’t follow social distancing guidelines, the virus will continue to spread. Everyone wants this to be done and over with, but we can only achieve that if we follow the rules. The government has set these guidelines for a reason: to protect the public. People are getting more and more lax over the situation and letting their guard down so much that these cases and on an uprise and it seems as if it will not be lowering soon.


Whenever a person goes out to a public place like a grocery store or a clothing store, there are signs that say “masks required” or “no entry without a mask or face covering”, but people still try to fight against it and make up excuses saying that they have health issues that won’t allow them to wear a mask. Other people just plain out refuse to wear a mask because people don’t think that the coronavirus is all that serious. Some do wear masks, but not properly. We have the people who put on a mask, but they have their nose out of it. That is not helping prevent the spread at all. It defeats the purpose of wearing a mask and is an unsafe practice.


Masks are scientifically proven to be effective in stopping the spread if worn properly. The ones that are recommended and are most effective are the surgical and N95 masks. The N95’s filter out small and large particles, and are designed to block out 95 percent of particles in the air, so if you wear that type of mask and stay 6 to 10 feet apart, then you will be helping the community in keeping the amount of causes lower.


The only way to beat this pandemic is to follow safety rules to a T. They have been put in place to help prevent that spread and in order to prevent that spread, we have to have to have to wear masks. All though some might not like it, it is keeping them and others free of the virus which is why it’s so important to follow the guidelines. Please wear a mask and social distance in public.